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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why I'm looking to switch back to BB OS10 from the Priv

Call me a dinosaur for going backwards, but after sitting on the fence for a week I am actively looking for a new unlocked BlackBerry Z30 to purchase before my time to return the Priv runs out. I am at T -4 today.

There are numerous reasons for me wanting to revert to the BlackBerry 10 OS, not least of which include the lack of a Gallery that you can organize your photos into folders, no native file manager (although I knew that from other reviews), a far inferior Hub which does not integrate Facebook messages,  no ability to customize your Quick Settings, pulse lights (and no legend for what the new colours mean) - and the familiar red pulse for a message is gone. I can only assign one custom ring tone per contact - and no ability to specify it is for text, BBM, etc. so now I can't distinguish who has just messaged me and if I need to respond without picking up my phone and looking at the screen.

As if those weren't enough reasons, there are many more! There is no more option to set your notification volume as it is now tied to the volume up and down buttons. This means that I am constantly setting my phone to silent. Also, the middle button no longer pauses music but only mutes it now. And, the volume up and down buttons no longer navigate to next or previous track.

And then when your alarm does go off, you have to slide it towards snooze to make it quiet, unless you slide it towards dismiss accidentally. That's too easy to do when your eyes are still blurry and the brain is not awake.

Honestly,  the app eco system isn't worth the productivity and convenience losses in this Android phone. I am hopeful that future updates will address these issues, but I think I'll wait a bit and hope we see another all touch OS10.